Requirements for Admission to Theatre Arts Programs in Riverside, California

Learn about requirements for admission to theatre arts programs in Riverside, California. Understand what courses are needed to meet degree and transfer requirements.

Requirements for Admission to Theatre Arts Programs in Riverside, California

The theatrical arts are the essence of the humanities, since they are the only art form that incorporates all other fine arts in its final product. Our main objective is to educate the whole person, to emphasize comprehensive education. Everyone should experience the dynamics of theater, and our ensemble technique teaches cooperation, teamwork and communication. The skills learned in theater production are necessary in all occupational areas. The Young Americans College of Performing Arts is an accredited performing arts university with a unique curriculum for future artists.

Students have the opportunity to study their craft, travel around the world, perform on stage and help communities in the process. Local Context Eligibility (ELC) The Local Context Eligibility (ELC) program recognizes the individual achievements of students in light of the opportunities offered by their particular high school. TA 138 Cooperative Education and Theater Arts can be used as elective credits, but not to meet major requirements. This course will cover the theater floor, rigging, the electrical theory of theater staff, stage lighting and sound. An examination of physical theater and theater staging methods from the days of the caveman to avant-garde theater.

For each required year up to eleventh grade, a grade of C or better in a non-transferable university course of 3 or more semester units (4 or more quarters) of composition in English, literature (American or English), or translated foreign literature. While many theater students continue their careers in theater and related fields, their study can also lead them to success in fields such as teaching, art management, public relations, and drama therapy, to name a few. The following map of the Theater Arts program includes all the major courses and recommended general education courses by quarter that are needed to meet the degree and transfer requirements. An introductory course on the principles of design applied to theater in the areas of lighting, costumes, makeup and scenography. For each year of the requirement, a grade of C or better in a transferable course of at least 3 semester units (4 quarters) in natural sciences (physical or biological) with at least 30 laboratory hours (without demonstration).

Theater arts courses can be used to meet the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree with a specialization in Fine Arts or Liberal Arts. Students will apply the concepts of texture, line, space, color and perspective to the various aspects of design in theater through specific exercises in 2D and 3D. Students will learn about the basic forms of theater and the disciplines involved in the production of a play.