Exploring Theatre Arts Organizations in Riverside, California

Explore organizations related to theatre arts at universities & colleges in Riverside. Learn about Golden Mean Players & Latinx Play Project & more.

Exploring Theatre Arts Organizations in Riverside, California

Are you looking for special organizations related to theatre arts at universities or colleges in Riverside, California? If so, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore the various organizations available to students interested in theatre arts. The Golden Mean Players is a student-run organization that provides actors, directors, writers, stage directors and designers with the opportunity to participate in the creation of a theatrical production. There are plenty of chances to get involved, from festivals of works for students to music magazines, and they're always looking for new ideas.

GMP encourages camaraderie among students and offers a platform for artistic collaboration, as well as professional experience in the field of theater. Campus departments are university entities coordinated by professional staff and probably by student staff. These can be services that students can access, departments that offer events and programs, or auxiliary units that sell products on the UCR campus that students may need or want. UCR student organizations are mainly focused on academics, so the biggest category of clubs are our academic or pre-professional clubs. Undoubtedly, a student should try to find an organization aligned with their career or professional career. This category also includes many professional fraternities and sororities, which are mixed and driven by careers and professional careers.

The campaign to provide funding to the Schwob School of Music and the Department of Theater and Dance in support of scholarships for students, graduate assistantships, performances by visiting artists, masterclasses and lectures for visiting artists, and other unforeseen opportunities that arise. The Latinx Play Project is another organization dedicated to empowering students and the metropolitan communities of UCR and Riverside by promoting underrepresented voices through the power of theater. By facilitating theater-based workshops, producing staged readings and full productions, The Latinx Play Project hopes to foster a cooperative learning environment within its inclusive student community, inviting anyone interested in joining regardless of their initial skills and background. Theater arts courses can be used to meet the requirements to obtain an Associate of Arts degree with a specialization in Fine Arts or Liberal Arts. An introductory course on the principles of design applied to theater in the areas of lighting, costumes, makeup and scenography is also available. An examination of physical theatre and theatre staging methods from the days of the caveman to avant-garde theatre is also offered. We also have an itinerant musical theater group which is a small audition group made up of students who perform in schools, churches, shelters for the homeless and community groups.

The Riverside Theatre Society is made up of an incredible group of theater advocates who provide financial support for student scholarships, teacher development, production support, and departmental activities. Students have performed in Shakespeare by the Sea, Disney Cruise Line, children's theaters and off-Broadway theaters, and have studied abroad at the London Theatre Academy, Trinity College in Ireland and the University of Westminster in England. Students will learn about the basic forms of theater and the disciplines involved in the production of a play. We recognize the importance of policies and practices in amplifying equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging in the Department of Theater and Dance at Columbus State University. Students will apply the concepts of texture, line, space, color and perspective to the various aspects of design in theater through specific exercises in 2D and 3D.