Celebrating the Theatre Arts in Riverside, California

Experience the beauty of Riverside, CA through its vibrant theatre arts events & festivals! From Renaissance festivals to Lunar festivals & more.

Celebrating the Theatre Arts in Riverside, California

Riverside, California is a vibrant city that celebrates the arts in many ways. From the Riverside Festival of Lights, held at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, to the Riverside Museum of Art and The Cheech, in partnership with the Inlandia Institute, there are plenty of events to experience the beauty of Riverside and its culture. The City of Riverside, in collaboration with the Old Riverside Foundation, the Riverside Arts Council and the Riverside Center, also hosts the Art of Protecting Water project. This series of free arts education classes and community outreach events provides an opportunity to learn about water conservation and sustainability.

The only permanent Renaissance festival in California is held in downtown Riverside. Here, visitors can enjoy themed restaurants, good food and participate in various activities. This event is community-oriented and feels like a big outdoor neighborhood party. The Riverside Lunar Festival is another popular event hosted by Panana Events with additional support from the city of Riverside.

This festival features traditional Chinese dances and martial arts demonstrations, making it an ideal family outing. The Riverside Museum of Art also hosts a variety of events throughout the year. The fifth annual Riverside Art Market is a fundraiser that helps support the mission-driven efforts of the museum. Additionally, the museum's artist-in-residence program kicks off with the Community Altar Project.

Facilitated by Art Float - Riverside (inspired by Portraits of Hope), this event was the largest community celebration ever held at the museum. Visitors can enjoy lively performances and celebrate seven artists who will face off at the museum.