Exploring the Theatrical Arts in Riverside, California

The theatrical arts are an essential part of the humanities. Riverside Unified School District offers a variety of multimedia arts courses at middle and high school levels. Learn about theater floor rigging electrical theory stage lighting sound basic forms of thea

Exploring the Theatrical Arts in Riverside, California

The theatrical arts are an integral part of the humanities, as they are the only art form that incorporates all other fine arts into its final product. Our main goal is to educate the whole person, emphasizing comprehensive education. Everyone should experience the dynamics of theater, and our ensemble technique teaches cooperation, teamwork, and communication. The skills learned in theater production are necessary in all occupational areas. Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) is committed to technology and innovation, and offers a variety of multimedia arts courses at the middle and high school levels.

Course offerings include music technology, graphic design, game design, video production, web design, digital film production, and broadcast journalism. These courses use state-of-the-art equipment and provide extensive professional connections. Theater arts courses can be used to meet the requirements for an Associate of Arts degree with a specialization in Fine Arts or Liberal Arts. This course will cover the theater floor, rigging, the electrical theory of theater staff, stage lighting and sound. Students will learn about the basic forms of theater and the disciplines involved in the production of a play.

They will apply the concepts of texture, line, space, color and perspective to the various aspects of design in theater through specific exercises in 2D and 3D. In high school, students can attend a variety of comprehensive art offerings, including art and design, digital art, ceramics, drawing and painting, and AP Studio Art. High school arts students explore the basic elements of art while learning about art history and mastering mediums such as acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor, and digital media. The RUSD encourages learning in all the arts and offers students many performance opportunities throughout the year to show their growth. An examination of physical theater and theater staging methods from the days of the caveman to avant-garde theater is also available.

TA 138 Cooperative Education and Theater Arts can be used as elective credits but not to meet major requirements. An introductory course on the principles of design applied to theater in the areas of lighting, costumes, makeup and scenography is also offered.

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